Reservation rules:

  • Your confirmation of reservation will be active if Your deposit will be paid.
  • Our approving/not approving of paid/not paid by You deposit;
  • Deposit (preliminary/advance payment) means one daily-rent cost for apartment; Money paid for deposit will be deducted from the final cost;
  • Not returning of DEPOSIT in the CASE OF cancellation or moving terms and dates of reservation;
  • If you will decide to spend Christmas holidays at one of our apartments. Deposit for renting during the national holidays means preliminary payment for all term of rent & servicing.
  • Total cost for all term should be submitted by client during the check-in procedure.0+
  • Check-in time: 14:00 (Early check-in = + 50% or 100% of daily apartment’s price by keeping this apartment personally for you);
  • You should leave apartment till 12:00 of last day of You reservation;
  • During the check-in our guest is giving the deposit in amount 1000 UAH (40 USD). We are returning this sum during the check-out after returning keys from apartment, TV-card and apartment by guest in the same conditions;
  • During the reservation of apartment on big holidays (New Year) the payment will be taken in advance on 3 days and also deposit in amount 100-300 dollars (depends from the apartment’s level). Deposit will be returned after the checking of apartment on the presence of property damages.

Rent is impossible in following cases:

  • Presence of animals in apartment or it’s using not in direct aim (office, party, photography and so on) without the preliminary approving with administration of agency;
  • Not compliance with the rules of electricity and fire safety;
  • Deep violation of neighbor’s quietness;
  • Exceeding the number of guests than was agreed;
  • Damaging of agency’s property in apartment.

We have the right in evicting you from apartment in any time without the money returning in the case of not keeping of above stated requirements.

Cost for apartment includes: bed linen and kitchen appliances, towels, electricity, hot and cold water, unlimited internet access (Wi-Fi), SAT and cable TV. Cleaning of apartment is providing once in 5 days including the changing of linen and towels in comfortable for time. Extraordinary cleaning of apartment is possible for appropriate payment.

Cost for apartment is not includesinternational calls (for such purposes You should have IP telephony card or mobile phone).

Also we are asking You to give us information about prolonging of your booking preliminary. In another case the apartment could be booked by other persons.

Even in the case if you have no possibility to check-out in time and You did not inform us about this We are starting the cleaning at 12:00 and transporting all your personal things to our office (address: 2 Shevchenko lane, office 26).